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Our site for Turks learning English!

Our site for Turks learning English!

After years of teaching English to Turks in both language institutes and more recently, in a private school, I finally decided that it was the right time to take hold of the English-language education opportunities that now exist in Turkey

Teaching English to Turks has always been big business and there are plenty of well-known private language institutes that cater all type of English to students of each level of proficiency. However, together with my business partner we’ve decided to concentrate on offering quality English conversation classes via the Internet, to get Turks speaking. In a recent post on my new blog, where I discuss the dormant nature of Turks learning English, I briefly outline the opportunity we see to ‘kick-start’ the dormant English resource that already lies within Turkey today.

This is a very exciting time to be involved in English-language education in Turkey. As household broadband increases across Turkey and more and more citizens possess tablets and smartphones, education is ready for disruption. It’s clear to us that the physical classroom will become less relevant and Turks will have access to better teaching. Why put yourself through a hellish commute after work when you can chill at home, sit back with a cup of tea and log in via your computer?

So for Turk learning English we’ve built

We’re proud of it. We thinks it’s giving the boost of confidence and increased motivation required to Ingilizce öğrenmek!