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Archive for the ‘365’ category

365 Day 4 Jim Jeffries

Can be a little offensive...

Few comdedians make me laugh as much as this guy. He’s about as honest as it gets. Sure to offend. He sees through all the bluff, pretence and smoke-and-mirror of human existence. And he’s vulnerable. Comedians are gifted with an ability to show us as we really are, a very imperfect species that acts at most times in a deeply worrying, illogical manner. I very much doubt a true comic possesses a stable or content state of mind, but hey, Jim keeps a smile on my face.

365 Day 3 La vista

Hanging at home in Dubai Marina

The first day of the working week is over and I’m chilling on the balcony at home, reading a novel and contemplating life. Everything’s about to change as I soon say farewell to Dubai and head to older, better known shores.

I’m not sure how much I’m going to miss this place, if at all. I’ve missed Istanbul ever since I left it, and nothing makes me smile more than knowing that in under two months I’ll once again be among the swarming masses of a exuberant metropolis, a city that defies any attempt at comprehension, a place so familiar yet so irresistibly foreign.

But tonight I’m enjoying the hum of the traffic in a city that often feels so devoid of human existence. From my balcony I spot a sole jogger. That’s it. No one selling tea, no kids booting a dilapidated ball about the sidewalk, an absence of elderly women exchanging pleasantries and enquiring after each other’s health. No one selling artichokes off the back of a truck. No cats. No quarelling youth. It’s empty here.


365 Day 2 Birds Without Wings

It's gonna make you laugh, then cry

If we had wings, do you think we would suffer so much in one place? Don’t you think we would fly away to paradise?

I’m not sure how many times I’ve read this novel but I’m yet to grow tired of the all-too-human characters, the beautifully sculpted insights into daily life during turn-of-the-century Anatolia, and an end that has not yet failed to make me weep.

When this novel ends, you somehow feel like your heart has been a little bit broken. That sinking feeling. You know you just need to move on, that time will heal everything, that the same mistakes won’t be repeated, and finally, that all’s well that ends well.

Except it isn’t.

Marcel Pagnol wrote it best:

Telle est la vie des hommes. Quelques joies, très vite effacées par d’inoubliables chagrins. Il n’est pas nécessaire de le dire aux enfants.

Melancholy is my friend today. I’m going back to my novel.



365 Day 1 Safa Park

Loving the new running shoes

OK. Today is a good day. It’s a new start. I just managed 15km around Safa Park though I promised myself that I’d finish 20km. Also, I’ve decided that watching my life pass by so fast was enough reason to start that 365 project. Today is Day 1. Let’s see how long I can keep this up.


And I love my running shoes.