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Bikram Yoga in Istanbul!

It’s here.


A Bikram Yoga studio has opened in Istanbul. Very happy about that. Actually, I’m ecstatic.

Last week I got restless and decided that swimming and jogging weren’t satisfying my needs. I typed a couple of words into Google and the magic address appeared.

I discovered Bikram Yoga in Dubai, and despite my body wrestling with the incessant heat,  I managed to sweat my way through class after class until it became part of my fitness regime. When I arrived in Istanbul in February this year I was disappointed to find that nowhere offered the intense experience of losing your own bodyweight in perspiration within 90 minutes. Best workout ever.

Though I’ve only atttended two classes this week at the Bikram Studio in Etiler, it appears to be everything I was looking for.

A great location, the cleanest public washroom and shower facilities I have ever seen in this country, and friendly English-speaking staff and instructors.

40 Derece Bikram Yoga is located a 10-minute walk from Akmerkez Shopping Centre, or about to 20-minute taxi ride from Beyoglu. The studio has everything you need . Yoga mats, towels and water are available so you need only bring yourself and the skimpiest outfit you can find to sweat your way through stretch heaven.

40 Derece Bikram Yoga

Tepecik Yolu Caddesi

Akgoren Sokak 3/1

Etiler, Istanbul

0212 351 45 46



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  1. nice note. just so a dedicated reader can *see* the level of inspiration required in order to perspire… more convincing and conclusive would have been your own visuals… ;0)

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