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365 Day 5 Istanbul’a geldim

I’ve finally made it to Istanbul and am currently staying with a friend, his apartment offering an expansive view across the Bosphorus. It’s good to be back. I’ve slipped once again into life in this magnificent metropolis and am looking forward to the daily grind in a city that never sleeps. I’m hoping my mate will put up with me long enough that I won’t need to search for my own lodgings until the wintry weather passes and the temperature rises again.

Istanbul is how I remember it and so, with a few months of bumbling my way through the language, I should be a fully functioning member of Turkish society. I’ve already started the new job, and despite the filthy wind that bites at my face each morning as I walk to meet the driver, I’m not having too many difficulties rising at 6am to meet the driver who shuttles me to and from the neighbourhood where I teach.

My photography may be rubbish but the view is still spectacular






I’m happy to be home.


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